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Pensions and social security

Link to Pension and social security of the Italian Foreign Office website

For information and assistance in requesting a pension, the interested parties can contact the “Patronati” of Chicago at the following addresses:

Patronato ACLI
Italian Cultural Center
3800 Division
Stone Park, IL 60165
Tel. (708) 345-0522
Fax. (708) 345-0555

Patronato ITAL-UIL
7068 W Higgins
Chicago, IL 60656
Tel. (773) 775-4098
Fax (773) 775-4075

Old Age Pension

In order to have the right to an Italian pension, (independent pension), you must have paid contributions in Italy for the necessary periods and you must meet the age requirement.

Those that have not reached the required amount of contributions necessary for independent pension with at least 52 percent weekly contribution and the required age, must request a pension in “pro-rata”, according to the agreement between Italy and the United States.

Reversibility Pension

Other than the pension for old age, a widow or widower of a pensioner can request reversibility pension, which requires presentation of the death certificate of the deceased spouse as well as the marriage certificate.

The following documents must be presented:


  • valid document of identification.
  • record of contributions to INPS.
  • enrollment paper issued by the Military district to which you belong (for males).

The Patronato may request the record of contributions to INPS and the Military enrollment paper directly from Italy on behalf of the interested parties.

It is advisable that you periodically contact the Patronato office to check the status of your request until its completion.

The INPS pension checks distributed in the United States are sent directly to the pensioner from Cariplo (10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022, Tel. (212) 527-8792). While the pensions from the Provincial Offices of the Treasury (Direzioni Provinciali del Tesoro) pensions for war service, etc.) are paid in the USA by Banca INTESABCI S.p.A. – One William Street – New York, N.Y. 10004 Tel. 212 527-8713 o 607-3855; fax 212 607-3736 o 527-8729.

War Pension

The Consulate General directs all cases relative to war pensions and provides the survivors with the necessary information for the receipt of the pension (reversibility) – for installments that have matured or never been collected.

Disability Pension

Those who, through accidents in the workplace or illness due to work, retain the right to a pension for disability, must submit a request within two years of the date of termination of the employment: in any case, the insured must be able to present all required documentation and present at least five years of contributions, three of which must be within the last five years immediately prior to the request.


In accordance with Art. 38 of the DPR 445/2000 any Italian retired state employees (pension paid by INPDAP) residing outside of Italy may declare their existence by completing and signing the attached declaration (modulo di autocertificazione).
Such a declaration must be sent by the interested party, every six months, to the following address with a photocopy of a valid id document (ex. Italian passport):
Sede territoriale Roma 4
Ufficio portafoglio estero
Largo Jose’ Maria Escriva de Balaguer 11
00142 Roma (Italy)
Any Italian retired state employees who does NOT wish to benefit from this kind of declaration, may request to the responsible Italian Consular Office the issuance of a “certificate of life”.


Any retired Italian and/or U.S. citizens who receives pension benefits from INPS (Italian National Institute for Social Security) must obtain, when requested by the Istituto Centrale delle Banche Popolari Italiane, a certificate of life issued by the Italian Consular Office responsible for the place of their residence.
Those who are residing in the territorial jurisdiction of the Italian Consulate General in Chicago may request this certificate in person during public hours. A valid id document and pension number must be presented at the time of the request.
For those unable to appear in person due to illness, infirmity of age or disability, it is possible to request by mail the certificate in question to the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago (address: 500 N Michigan Avenue suite 1850, Chicago, IL 60611) as follows:
– written request (facsimile) signed by the retired before a Notary Public who identifies his/her identity and authenticates the signature;
– medical and/or nursing home letter attesting the disability of the applicant to travel;
– self addressed stamped envelope to mail the certificate of life

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