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Italy and the United States of America, among other countries, signed the HAGUE CONVENTION of October 5, 1961. This Convention (or agreement) establishes a new and simpler procedure for the legalization of a public document to be used in a Country other than the one in which It was issued. When a public document is to be produced in a foreign State (Country) party to the above mentioned Convention, the only formality that is required In order to certify the authenticity of the signature and the genuineness of the seat or stamp which it bears, is the attachment of a special certificate called an “Apostille”.

The Apostille is attached by the Office of the “Secretary of State” of the State in which the document was issued add/or notarized. The fee for this procedure may vary from one State to another. Therefore, you must inquire directly with the appropriate Secretary of State’s Office.

When requesting the Apostlile, you must specify the Country in which the document is going to be used. You may obtain the “Apostille” in person or you may forward the original documents to be “legalized’ to the Secretary of State, along with your written request for the “Apostilie”, including the correct fee and a self addressed stamped return envelope. It is suggested that you check with the Secretary of State regarding the form of payment. In most cases a money order or personal check made out to the “Secretary of State of…” is acceptable.

• Certified copies of birth, marriage and death, certificates Issued by a local County Cleric Office;

• Certified documents Issued by an authority or an official of the courts or tribunals of the State; Official administrative documents;

• Notary acts, affidavits/declarations signed by persons in an official capacity;

• Authentication of a signature by a legally commissioned Notary Public.

PLEASE NOTE: Vital statistics certificates (birth, marriage, death, etc.) that occurred in the United States of America

• in relation to Italian citizens must be registered at the City Halls In Italy. The registration will be processed by the Consular Offices. In order to do so the certificates must be submitted to the Consular Office that has jurisdiction over the State In which the events occurred, In certified copies Issued by the competent County aerk Office and legalized with the “Apostllle”. Simple photocopies or certified copies Issued by the local registrar are not valid for registration in Italy.


Secretary of State 17 N. State Street,
Room 1137 Chicago, IL 60602
Tel. (312) 814.2067 – (312) 793.2556 In person daily
ILLINOIS Index Dept.
111 East Monroe St. Springfield, IL 62756
Tel. (217) 782.7017
Secretary of State
Notary Division
1560 Broadway, Suite 200
Denver, CO 80202
Tel. (303) 894.2215
Secretary of State
State Capitol Room 2300
Lincoln, NE 68509
Tel. (402) 471.2554
Secretary of State
600 East Boulevard Main Capitol Bldg.
Bismarck, ND 58505
Tel. (701) 318.1900
Secretary of State
Corporation DivisIon
Hoover Building, 2nd Floor
Des Mo1ne, IA 50319
Tel. (515) 281.5204
Secretary of State
Notary Department
500 East Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501
Tel. (605) 773,3537
Secretary of State
Memorial Hall, 1st Floor
120 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1394
Tel. (785) 296.4564
Secretary of State
State Capitol
Cheyenne, WY 82002
Tel. (307) 777.7378
Secretary of State
Commission Division
P.O. Box 784
Jefferson aty, MO 65102
Tel. (573) 751.2730
or (573)751.2783
Secretary of State
P.O. Box 7848
Madison, WI 53707
Tel. (608) 266.8888
Secretary of State
100 Constitution Avenue
180 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55155
Tel. (651) 296.2803


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