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Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery

lateen rigged vessel "Leudo Felice Manin"
The 22 meters long lateen rigged vessel "Leudo Felice Manin" was built in 1891, in Liguria (Italy). Its original design dates back to the XIII Century. It served as a coastal trader for sixty years. It crossed the Atlantic in 1984, with a crew of ten, reaching Chicago in 1986. It toured Lake Michigan's main ports in 1987, including Milwaukee. After a long stay in a Chicago dockyard, it was sent back to Italy (March 10, 2000), on board a container vessel, thanks to the efforts of a not-for-profit-organization based in La Spezia, in collaboration with the Consul General of Italy in Chicago and the Mediterranean Shipping Company. Being an invaluable historical artifact it will be fully restored by the Italian Navy.


Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi
Visit of the Italian Prime Minister, Romano Prodi - Chicago May 1998


President Francesco Cossiga
A picture of President Francesco Cossiga during his official visit to Chicago in January 1992. Pictured with the President is Mayor Richard M. Daley


President Sandro Pertini
Visit to Chicago of President Sandro Pertini - 29/30 March 1982


Frecce Tricolori

Frecce Tricolori
Two images of the "Frecce Tricolori" which took part in September 1986 in an air show in the city of Oshkosh (Wisconsin) and, in July 1992, over Chicago's skies for the V Centennial Columbus' celebrations


Italian Navy Destroyer D562 "San Giorgio"
Visit to Chicago by the Italian Navy Destroyer D562 "San Giorgio", 24-30 July 1976, on its training cruise in the North Atlantic and the Great Lakes, on the occasion of the American Bicentennial and the Olympic Games of Montreal

hydroplane 'Santa Maria'
In the age of daring aviators, on May 15 1927, days before Charles Lindbergh completed his transatlantic flight, an Italian pilot, Commander Francesco de Pinedo, landed his hydroplane 'Santa Maria' on Lake Michigan.


Commander De Pinedo and his crew
Commander De Pinedo and his crew (Chicago, 15 May 1927).


Chicago receiving the 24 Italian Seaplanes
Chicago receiving the 24 Italian Seaplanes, 13 July 1933


Italian seaplane
An Italian seaplane resting at Navy Pier, Chicago, July 1933


The Atlantic Squadron
Aerial view of Chicago, 13 July 1933


Savoia-Marchetti twin-hull S.55X seaplanes
In the picture, one of the 24 Savoia-Marchetti twin-hull S.55X seaplanes with two Isotta-Fraschini 18 cylinder water-cooled engines each, mounted fore and aft above the monoplane wing, which took off form Orbetello (Tuscany) on July 1, 1933, landing in Chicago (Navy Pier) on July 6 1933, at the orders of Italo Balbo.