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Repatriation of Human Remains or Ashes

Please take into consideration that this service requires a fee and  approximate processing time is ten (10) working days from the day the proper documentation is received.
To obtain the authorization to ship human/exhumed remains and/or ashes into Italy,  the  following documents must be submitted to this Consulate General:

  • Two (2) certified copies of the death certificate, each one legalized with the Apostille”.
  • In case of Ashes, two (2) certified copies of the cremation certificate, each one legalized with theApostille
  • Only for shipment of bodies: one (1) notarized Affidavit from the County Health Department stating that:
    - “at the time of death of Mr/Mrs ….. There were no epidemic diseases within the County”;
    - “the remains were embalmed in accordance to the laws of the State in which the Mortuary operates”;
    - “the deceased did not die of any contagious disease”.
  • Notarized statement by the Director of the Funeral Home (See Enclosure 1)
  • Information sheet for the deceased prepared by the Funeral Home (see Enclosure 2).
  • Photocopy of the Italian passport of the deceased.
  • In case of ashes, copy of the passport of the person accompanying the urn.
  • If the deceased is a foreign citizen, a copy of the birth certificate is requested.

The consular fees are subject to changes due to the exchange Euro/dollar. Therefore before sending the documents, please contact this Office at .


  • The funeral Home submits to the Consulate General the documents listed above;
  • The Consulate requests a proper authorization to the local Italian Authorities to allow the remains or ashes to enter the Country for burial;
  • Once the said authorization is granted, the Consulate will issue the mortuary Passport for the deceased.

For further information please contact