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Requesting a new passport


Requesting a new passport


1. Last passport issued (if you own one).  

2. Issuance form for adults (only for those NOT registered in AIRE) or Issuance form for minors duly filled out and signed;

3. N.2 passport size photos (1,5 × 1,5 inch) on white background taken not later than six months before (only photos of very good quality are accepted). See: Specimen of photograph;

4. Authentication of photograph form only for children under 12 who are exempt from having their fingerprints taken and therefore they do not need to appear in person.

5. Valid Permanent resident “Green Card” (for information please visit - or a photocopy authenticated by the notary public if the application is mailed - or long term valid visa;
In case of an American citizen: a copy of U.S. Passport
In case of a naturalized American citizen: a copy of Naturalization certificate.

6. Consent Form:

  1. If the passport is requested for a minor, both parents need to complete the Consent form (one form for each parent).
  2. if the passport is requested for an adult who has children who are minors, the Consent form needs to be signed by the other parent.

In both cases, the signature can be notarized through a Honorary Consular Officer or an U.S. Notary Public.  The Consent Form should be attached to a copy of a valid passport, State ID or U.S Driver's License.
Should one of the parents refuse to sign the consent form, for the issuance of a passport for his/her minor child or for the other parent, a written explanation is necessary as to the reasons for the refusal. The written explanation must contain the full address and contact numbers of the non-consenting parent. If it is determined that the reasons for refusing to sign the consent form are not deemed valid, Consul General, with proper decree, may authorize the renewal or issuance of the minor child’s passport (or of the other parent).

7. Payment can be made in cash or with Money Order made out to Consulate General of Italy covering the cost of passport, taxes and required affidavits/clearance. (See: Quarterly Consular Fees).

8. If applicant wishes that the passport be returned by mail, as opposed to personally picking it up, this office requires, for security reasons, that Applicant enclose one of the following: PRE-PAID "US POST OFFICE MAIL" ENVELOPE.
Mailing label sections "TO" and "FROM" must BOTH contain applicant's Name and Address. It’s necessary to sign the Consent to the mailing of the passport;

9. Italian citizens born overseas, applying for the first time for the Italian passport - and whose recognition of Italian citizenship has not been dealt by this Consulate General - must submit the copy of their birth certificate issued by the Vital Record Office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of the Town in Italy where it has been registered. 

10. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from having their fingerprints taken. Therefore, the application could be sent by mail and the new passport will be send in accordance with the above mentioned regulation (n.8).

Apart from the booklet and issuance fees, filling the forms is free of charge.

NO mediation is accepted for the issuance of Italian passport.