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General Information


General Information


The rules concerning the issuance of an Italian passport are embodied in the Law n. 1185 of November 21, 1967 and in subsequent Laws and Ministerial Circulars relating to the new aspects of the Domestic Relations Code and to the new simplified procedures enacted by the Italian Administration.

Italian nationals are free, unless otherwise stated by law, to leave and reenter the Italian territory when holding a valid passport - or any other travel document recognized by the foreign Country they intend to enter (an I.D. is accepted in lieu of a passport for traveling within the European Union).

Please note that art.24 of the above mentioned Law requires Italian citizens leaving the Country to hold at all times a valid passport (or any other valid travel document). Inobservance will be punished by law with fines and according to the provisions of the Italian Penal Code in case of severe transgressions. Italian nationals residing abroad have indeed left the Italian territory de facto. Consequently they must be always in possession of a valid passport updated with the required annual tax. This norm applies also to dual citizens.

A passport is a travel and identification document. The passport office of the Consular offices on whose territorial jurisdiction the applicant resides is responsible for issuing  passports to Italian citizens residing abroad.

N.B. Italian citizens residing abroad must be registered into A.I.R.E. (Registry of Italian Residing Abroad).

Scheduling an appointment to submit the application for the issuance of a new passport
Starting from February 22nd 2010, with the introduction of the new passport system carrying the holder’s fingerprints, this Consulate General must take the applicants fingerprints. For this reason each applicant must come personally to this Office. Minors under the age of 12 are not requested to have their fingerprints taken.