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General info


General info

What is the Registry/AIRE and who must register

AIRE is the Anagrafe/Registry of the Italians Residing Abroad. Law 470 of 1988 states that all Italian citizens who transfer their residence abroad for more than 12 months must submit, within 90 days of the arrival, an AIRE registration request to this Italian Consulate. Italian citizens who emigrated perior to this law caming into effect, are also required to register with AIRE.

The following citizens do NOT need to register with AIRE:
• citizens residing abroad for less than 12 months;
• seasonal workers residing abroad;
• employees of the Italian government stationed abroad
• members of the Italian Armed Services stationed at NATO posts abroad.

Only Italian citizens residing in one of the 11 States belonging to our consular jurisdiction may register with AIRE through this Consulate. The 11 States are:  Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin e Wyoming.

Italian citizens who reside in other Consular jurisdictions must register with AIRE through the right Italian Consulate.

The AIRE registration is necessary for Consular records and for obtaining all documents and certificates issued by this Consulate, in addition to the issuance of an Italian passport.

Why register with AIRE ?

Registration with A.I.R.E. is required by law when Italian citizens transfer their residence abroad. Before leaving Italy they should declare to the Italian Comune (City Hall) their intention of transferring their residence abroad. Within 90 days of their arrival abroad, they must personally request the registration with AIRE to the Embassy/Consulate competent for the city where they live. The Embassy/Consulate will send the request to the Comune in Italy which will register the transfer and notify the effective date of enrollment with AIRE.

Once register at the Embassy/Consulate, Italian citizens have the obligation of keeping their records always updated if they change their address or marital status.
In case of doubt or contradictory information regarding the establishment of residence abroad, the Consulate, in cooperation with local authorities, will ascertain the veridicity of the information provided and will enforce the necessary measures in case of folsa statements.

Registration with AIRE entitles Italian citizens to receive expedited consular services. For example: issuance of passports, certificate of customs exemption, legalization of signatures etc.