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MINOR APPLICANTS (under 18 years of age)

In addition to the requirements specified for each type of visa (Tourism, Study, Elective Residence etc.), for applicants under 18 years of age the following is needed:

  • The visa application form must be signed by both biological parents (as it appears on the applicant's birth certificate) in front of the Visa Officer at this Consulate General. If one of them cannot be present, please contact this Visa Office; 
  • Original and copy of picture IDs of both parents. In the event that the mother's last name differs from what appears on the applicant's birth certificate, please provide copy of parents' marriage certificate;
  • Applicant's birth certificate in original and copy, or only a notarized copy. All foreign documents MUST be translated into English and the translations legalized in the US by the Consular Authorities of the country that issued the document;
  • Authorization to Travel for Minors signed by both parents;

For minors under the age of 15:

  • In addition to the documentation above, the applicant must travel with at least one parent.

Updated October 13, 2011