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business visa


business visa


The Consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request other documents in addition to those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the documents specified below does not guarantee issuance of the visa.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All applicants must apply in person. Rush processing is not possible.
Non US-applicants: Only holders of Permanent Residence Card (former green card), valid long-term US visa (except B1/B2), or other pertinent document issued as proof that you can re-enter the US (such as Advanced Parole document) may apply.

Visas issued by a Schengen country allow the holder to travel freely, for tourism, business and study purposes,  in the whole Schengen territory.

Documents check-list:

  • Visa Application Form. Please notice that all the names appearing on the passport must appear on the application form (all data must match those on the passport). The form must be dated and signed in front of a Visa Officer. For minor applicants, please consult appropriate link on website;
  • Recent passport-size photograph (1.2”x1.5” or 3x4 cm), on white background, full face and front view, stapled/glued to the application form. Scanned or photocopied photos will NOT be accepted;
  • Valid passport plus 1 copy of the page with photograph and expiration date. The passport or travel document must be valid at least three months after the visa expiration date. Please make sure the passport is no older than 10 years and has at least two blank pages to affix the visa;
  • Original plus 1 copy of Permanent Residence Card OR other US immigration document allowing re-entry into the United States (e.g., valid long-term US visa, Advanced Parole, etc.). The US Residence permit or visa should be valid at least three months beyond the intended departure from the Schengen territory. International students must submit original and copy of F-1 Visa and valid re-entry ("travel") signature on I-20. Please provide copy of old passport if US visa is affixed there;
  • Original plus 1 copy of Driver’s License or State ID as proof of residence in the jurisdiction of this Consulate General. Full-time students may also use original and copy of Student ID. If you recently moved and have not updated your ID, you must submit another proof of current address (e.g., utility bills, bank statements, etc.);
  • Copies of most recent Schengen Visas in your passport, along with entry/exit stamps from Schengen Border Authorities. Please provide copy of old passport if previous visas are affixed there;
  • Copies of all the visas needed for the current trip;
  • Letter from the US employer on company letterhead specifying:
    • name of the applicant;
    • employment status of the applicant and the purpose of the trip;
    • complete period of travel;
    • that the employer assumes full responsibility for expenses, lodging;
  • Letter of invitation from the sponsoring Italian company on original letterhead  specifying:
    • name of the applicant;
    • purpose of the trip;
    • intended period of stay in Italy.  This letter must be accompanied by the certificate of “visura camerale” (certificate of deed);
  • If you are self-employed or the owner of a company, include copies of your corporation papers and tax return and a letter from the sponsoring Italian company in original and its certificate of “visura camerale” (certificate of deed);
  • Proof of financial means. Applicants must submit the three most recent bank statements from a US banking institution;
  • Proof of lodging for the entire duration of the trip.
  • Verification of Medical Coverage Abroad for the entire period of travel in the Schengen area with a minimum coverage of $50,000 for hospitalization, emergencies, evacuation and repatriation. Make sure that these 4 benefits are itemized on the policy issued by your current US Health Insurance company (insurance card alone is not sufficient), OR by a US Travel Insurance company. If your US insurance provider cannot issue a letter specifying the above, we suggest you contact a travel insurance company which will be able to do so;
  • Confirmed flight reservation for a round trip showing complete itinerary. If you visit more than one Schengen country, please provide means of transportation between countries;
  • Visa fee (under Consular Fees on home page): (non refundable). This Consulate can only accept Money Order or cashier’s checks, payable to the Consulate General of Italy in Chicago, with applicant’s name and address as the remitter. Cash or Personal Checks will not be accepted;
  • Return envelope: required in the event that applicants cannot collect the visa in person. Please provide envelope of UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES EXPRESS MAIL or PRIORITY MAIL with a tracking number, pre-paid and self-addressed.
  • Consent to send by mail

Please note: This Consulate General reserves the right to request further documentation.

Updated February, 2015